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When you don’t have the time or the right tools and your home is in need of maintenance or repair give Advanced Maintenance Co. a call for a professional, affordable approach to your home maintenance needs. OUTSIDE YOUR HOME FOR THE ROOF: Moss & algae removal: Tile, composition shingle and metal roofs. We can remove moss by hand with a brush or with a power washer. We don’t leave the roof debris in your driveway or patio. We provide a thorough clean up on the ground, and when power washing the roof we include the rinse down of the house and areas around it at no additional charge. Moss & algae treatment: We use zinc sulfate monohydrate to kill the moss and prevent moss from growing and damaging your roof and also remove and kill algae. Clean roof streaks: We safely remove the roof streaks for better curb appeal. Clean roof, blow off debris, remove branches: Accumulated debris and branches may not only make your roof look cluttered, but can also attract all types of insects which will affect the structural components and damage it. We can remove small accumulated debris as well as big, heavy branches. Small loose debris often collect in the roof valleys of the tiled roof and can create wet rot and keep moisture in underneath the tiles. We provide a solution for this problem. Screen off bird/rodent access areas under the eaves: These little creatures that love your home so much may sometimes look pretty and innocent, but if they are allowed access to your home they can make a lot of ugly mess & destruction. Let us safely and professionally help to keep them off you house. Plumbing pipe boot replacement: Under constant exposure to the weather elements with time the plumbing boots start cracking, braking, and leaking and creating serious damage to your roofing. We can replace the rubber collars that have been damaged or replace the complete pipe boot assembly. Roof repairs: We can replaced damaged or missing shingles and roof ridges, caulk around the skylights, pipe boots, chimneys, repair roof flashing, replace or fix damaged roof tiles, locate and eliminate roof leaks, and repair areas destroyed by birds or rodents. Re-roofs: When it’s time for the new shingles our crew can get this job done the right way. Blow in attic insulation: When you want your home to be more efficient and better regulate temperatures some additional insulation in the attic can do the job. GUTTER SYSTEM: Gutter & downspout cleaning: If you live in the North West, you know how necessary the gutters are when the rains come in. To make sure your gutters do their job and guide the water away from the structural components of your house, make sure to keep them clean and properly functional. Gutter repair: We can replace bent or damaged gutter sections, reattach and secure loose gutter spikes, level the gutters, patch and seal the joints and end caps, extend and add additional downspouts, reattach detached gutters and downspouts.
Gutter & downspout screens installation: To help keep big debris out of your downspout and prevent underground clogs we can install downspout screens and also install variety of gutter screens. POWER WASHING: House exterior: We can power wash roofs to remove moss, algae, discoloration streaks and accumulated dirt and debris. Power washing of the exterior side of rain gutters instantly gives the whole house a better curb appeal. We also power wash different types of siding, decks, porches and railings. Concrete: We can power wash driveways, walkways, sidewalks, stepping stones, retaining walls, brick, concrete floor inside the garage, and other hard surfaces. Decks and fences: Whether it’s wood, vinyl, metal, or other material, power washing removes dirt, algae, and other debris making your decks and fences look fresh and beautiful. Other materials: We can power wash door mats, rugs, outdoor furniture, awnings, and whatever else you have that needs good cleaning with the pressure washer. EXTERIOR PAINTING: Surface types: We provide complete exterior house painting: siding, trim, gutters and downspouts, shutters, exterior doors, and paint or stain the gables. Preparation is the key: To make sure the paint will go on the surfaces intended and look neat and professional and last for years to come, we pay very precise attention to prep. First step is the power washing, which removes loose debris, dust, stuck on dirt and any pealing, old paint. We caulk all areas with missing or cracked caulking on the siding and around the windows. When needed some areas get sanded to completely remove old, peeling paint. We thoroughly cover up, tape off and mask off everything before painting. At the end of the day while working on your house we put away our tools and equipment and keep our things neat and organized. Paint selections: When it comes to the color, the possibilities are endless. We incorporate your personal taste and our craftsmanship to produce your special masterpiece. Based on your need and preference we offer a variety of paint brands, finishes and quality and due to our continued business and reputation with paint suppliers we are able to get significant discounts on top products and we are glad to pass these savings on to you. Application process: We have the right tools, equipment and experience to get your exterior painting project done professionally and in the timely manner. We pay close attention to details and make sure that nothing is overlooked or missed. We use quality sprayers and rollers for a perfect finish. For exterior doors based on your preference, we can paint with a brush, a roller or spray paint for a smooth finish. Whether you need the whole house painted, or just need some touch ups or trim redone, Advanced Maintenance Co. will get it done. WATERPROOFING: Decks: Seal wooden decks and porches. Apply slip resistant paint or stick on materials. Concrete: Seal aggregate, and stamped concrete, and stepping stones. DRAINAGE: French drain installation: When your downspouts drains are not connected to the underground drain or when you have standing water in your yard, the French drain may be the right solution. It regulates the water distribution and absorption by the ground and keeps it away from your foundation and crawl space. We also install infiltrators and dry wells. Underground drain cleaning: When your underground drains get clogged and standing water becomes a problem, in most cases our drain cleaning system can get this problem fixed. Sump pump installation: When you have standing water in your crawl space, the sump pump can sucks it out. We make sure the right sump pump gets properly installed and functions properly. DECKS & FENCES: Decks: Whether you are looking to have a completely new deck built or your existing deck needs some repairs or a fresh look we can have this accomplished. Advanced Maintenance Co. offers professional deck restoration services. Our detailed prep, which includes power washing, stripping, and sanding the wood surfaces will make your deck look wonderful again. We offer different stain tints, from transparent to solid shades and apply it by hand for optimal look and quality. Advanced Maintenance Co. can also clean your deck glass or metal railing. Fences & gates: We build new fences and gates, or repair existing ones, install or adjust latches. We also offer professional fence restoration: power washing, staining and painting. DRIVEWAYS, PATIOS & WALKWAYS: Cleaning & maintenance: Our quality equipment and experienced operators make your concrete look so much better and cleaner. We also seal exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. New & existing: We can build patios or walkways from stone, blocks and make gravel paths or fix your existing ones. IN THE YARD: Trees & shrubs trimming/ cutting: It’s recommended to keep large plants and branches away from touching the house. Nicely trimmed yard doesn’t just look better; it’s also safer for you and your home. Branches that are too close to your roof or home can damage it and provide easier access for rodents to get into your house. Weaving type plants that climb on your home can cause your siding or roof to not function properly and overgrown bushes next to the windows pose a safety risk since they provide a perfect hiding spot for intruders. Outdoor furniture & play sets: You want to get the most of the beautiful warm days in your back yard. We can help you achieve the comfortable and fun environment by taking care of your outdoor living fixtures and decor. We can clean patio furniture, assembly that new set, create a perfect kid’s play area by assembling and installing a swing. Into gardening? We can make different types & sizes of raised garden beds for comfortable, fun and beautiful gardening. We can also install hose reels, and fix sprinklers in your yard. Custom sheds: Need an extra storage place to keep all your yard and outdoor stuff in? We can build different sizes and types of storage sheds. For your pets: For your loved, furry companions we can install pet doors, gates, and fence off dog run areas. Around the lawn: We can bring and spread bark, pull weeds, rake leaves, plant bushes and trees and power wash your yard fixtures, fountains and stepping stones. OTHER PROJECTS: Window screens: Proper screening lets the fresh air into our homes and keeps the bugs and debris out. We can replace the damaged or worn out screen mesh on your windows and patio doors and also repair or build the screens. Weather stripping & caulking: For better efficiency and to prevent structural damage your home needs to have proper seals and stripping. We can caulk, seal, and replace different weatherproofing components on your home (siding seams, window trim, garage door seals, flashing and more. Doors, Locks & deadbolts: We install new patio doors, storm doors, exterior doors, locks, deadbolts, peep holes, kick boards and repair or replace existing door hardware. Shelving, storage & fixtures: Custom shelving for garages and sheds. Installation of flag poles, sun shades, mailboxes and house numbers. Hauling & moving: We can clean up and take away unwanted items, junk and yard debris. If you need something delivered or moved we can also put our trailers, trucks and workers to that use. Winterization: Install foam blocks on the foundation vents, vacant property winterization and de-winterization, sprinkler system winterization. Holiday lighting: Christmas lights and decor installation. Safety features: Installation of grab bars, railings and slip resistant coverings or paint on steps, exterior lighting, Let us do the ladder work for you- we have the right sizes, ladder stabilizers, levelers and experience. Winter snow shoveling and deicing INSIDE YOUR HOME INTERIOR PAINTING: Start with the thorough prep: To make sure the interior painting will have the outstanding result at the end; these steps in the beginning play an important role in every painting job we do. We make sure that while we work on painting the walls or ceilings other surfaces in your home don’t get the paint drops, spills or splashes on them and that we don’t bring dirt in. We carefully cover up, mask, and tape off the areas before we start to protect the furniture, flooring and other fixtures of your home. Damages and blemishes in the drywall get patched and fixed before paint goes on. Colors and paint choices: When it comes to choosing the right color your imagination is the limit. We can also do custom color matches. Depending on the location, different paint finishes may work & look better. We will help you choose the right product for your specific painting job. The end result: Rely on our skills and experience to have your interior painting done neatly, professionally and timely. We use quality tools and paint to make sure the end result is outstanding. REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE: Plumbing: Repair leaky faucets & toilets, install or replace food waste disposals, clear drains, caulk around sinks, tubs and fixtures; Replace faucets, shower heads, and seals. Electrical: Replace light switches, covers, light bulbs, replace exhaust fan, ceiling fans, and light fixtures, install or replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Routine maintenance: replace furnace filters, clean dryer vent, clean refrigerator vent, check and test smoke alarm detectors and replace batteries. Fixtures & things: Move, rearrange and assembly furniture; hang pictures, window coverings, mirrors, shelves; adjust doors, replace or repair door hardware, cabinet doors and drawers repairs, install towel racks, fix squeaky floors; install pet doors and gates. Need it fixed: Patch and repair drywall Home inspections: Why wait for a disaster to happen? We can thoroughly inspect your home, including the attic and crawl space areas, so you know what preventive maintenance your house needs and save you time, money and the hassle later. SAFETY: Check and test smoke alarm detectors, replace batteries, install carbon monoxide detectors; Install first aid kits/ stations; and install fire extinguishers. Installation of grab bars, railings and slip resistant coverings Secure furniture Let us do the ladder work for you- we have the right sizes, ladder stabilizers, levelers and experience. Winter snow shoveling and deicing Clean slippery walkways RENTAL PROPERTIES & HOA Rental homes: We offer complete tenant turn over service, which includes exterior and interior repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. When you need to have this done professionally, correctly and in the timely manner think of Advanced Maintenance Co. We work with individuals as well as rental property management companies to make sure your rental property keeps its value, curb appeal and is safe for the occupants. Home Owner Associations: Count on us for affordable, professional services for all of your property maintenance needs. BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL De-icing, power washing, window washing offices, lights for safety & security, graffiti removal, gutter cleaning & downspouts functioning, etc.